About us

About Us

Welcome to www.lukshops.com (the “site”)


LUKSHOPS is an online e-commerce store that sells all clothes for men, women and children. We also sell;

  • baby products
  • electronics
  • automotive
  • jewelry
  • home and kitchen appliances


We are a new company that just kicked off to bringing smile to our clients faces. We started this in order to bring to your fingertips products you would be needing. This is our story at Lukshops


Our mission is bringing you the best of the best products at the cheapest rate you could ever find on the internet. Our online shop is dedicated to bringing smile to our respective buyers face.


Our services include;

  • bringing to your fingertip the big shopping mall you have always dreamt of through this e-commerce website (lukshops.com) .
  • Giving you the best and most affordable prices of products that you have been willing to buy for a very long time.
  • Free shipping of goods bought from our online store to your comfort location. Isn’t that so nice of us? Of course it is.
  • Return and exchange of goods is also possible on our e-commerce shop. This is done if the need for that arise and we have the best customer relation strategy
  • Member discount is given on goods for members.


The following product categories are available on our store:

  • baby products
  • electronics
  • automotive
  • jewelry
  • home and kitchen appliances
  • clothes for men
  • clothes for women
  • clothes for children
  • clothes for babies

and lots more.


There are lots of reasons to work with Lukshops (www.Lukshops.com) . Some of them are:

– Our method of sales and delivery of products  have  been proven effective by our clients.
– We maintain a strong focus on your requirements and your basic needs as rightly selected and carted by you

– We would never compromise on the quality of our product for whatsoever reason. Our products are of the best quality now and will forever be.

– We’re quick to respond to the clients need with products and delivery that are just right for your home and personal/ public usage.

– No worrying as we have experts in the aspect of delivery and customer care service who would help in bringing your goods at the very time you need them.


After the thorough process of bringing  beautiful and affordable products and goods to our store at www.lukshops.com we then give you the opportunity to browse through different products and goods on our store. The next thing is you selecting the best of the best products which you have been longing to own over the years. You would also have the opportunity to find reduced prices as members and that would be the best you can ever find. You cart the goods and you would be ready for your delivery.

We deliver the good with free shipping services. Isn’t this nice? Sure it is.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get to the shopping page while you soar through your best imaginations as you see good products you need at astonishing prices.

Enjoy your shopping experience. Regards LUKSHOPS